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Army ocs acceptance rate reddit

Army ocs acceptance rate reddit. College graduate applicants are chosen by a selection board convened by the Army There’s a good Army Times article ( Link) that talks about graduation rates as well as covers some interesting history of OCS. Chances at Army OCS. Only HRC has those numbers, but based completely anecdotally on my experience of about a year going to and working for OCS, it’s probably around 30-40% w/ avg gpa 3. Google MILPER 20-307. 8. Though the fact that they even break 70% acceptance rate for active duty OCS is actually quite telling. Then you attend BOLC which will be your third training which can be anywhere between 14 and 52 weeks depending on your MOS. I attended OCS over a year ago and was released due to medical reasons. Turn your brain on enough to function and compete, place as high in your class as possible without sullying your reputation by stepping on everyone around you, and you should be able to get an infantry slot. Failure rate in flight school is less than 5%. If you can't see yourself doing infantry style field work, don't join the Army. 0. I would like to complete 2 years at my current job (would be June 2024) and then would look to commission Summer of 2024. Do I have to re- View community ranking In the Top 10% of largest communities on Reddit Accepted at Battalion level worried bad GPA could be a factor for rejection at USAREC level So I’m currently AD and I’m in the process of an inter-service transfer. The thought of joining the military has always been… Jun 30, 2020 · Air & Law - If your PFT score is 260 or higher, your chances of being selected are 90%. You’ll be highly qualified and aren’t lot likely to draw extra benefits. 4% of Candidates who classed-up were dismissed. Be physically prepared when you arrive. Previous active duty applications and acceptance numbers. FY22 Graduation Rate: 84. The Army is probably the easiest branch top get into, simply due do it's size. Hi all, I am considering to join the reserve as an officer A little bit about me: Former Logistics Specialist (E4) in the Reserve -In my early 30s. Where the Army struggles with officers is specifically retention, which is why there is a CPT shortage. 78 bachelors, 16 masters, 1 doctorate. Reserve Branch Selection Suggestions. I also have to say that I did get arrested 2 years ago for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Here’s my timeline as an AD Officer: Walked into recruiter’s office: April 2021. ) he had me do moderate OPAT with other enlisted applicants just to get it out of the way because “it didn’t matter anyway, it just qualifies you to join the army. I just have a couple of questions on how to apply for OCS. Has all the info you need. I'm writing to share what I wish I knew before I arrived. I am an IRR soldier currently in an activated status and deployed. I’m applying on the current Milper as a aviation SSG with 7 years TIS in addition to a 3. Depends honestly, but id lean towarss no. Does GT score matter much? Of course above 110. Dec 27, 2017 · OCS Selection Rates. Commissioned: May 2022. Civilian college graduate and current military candidates do not compete with each other for available OCS slots. 4K subscribers in the ArmyOCS community. The in-service OCS acceptance rate is always higher and the service has outright stated that it wants them from the Service Academies and ROTC primarily. The battalion’s mission is train and commission 2d Lieutenants for the Army. Your OANCO will submit your packet whenever the deadline is, a few months later it'll go to HRC, and 12 weeks later results will be posted via another MILPER. The overall process is similar for all branches, but each will have some different aspects unique to that service. Not sure on in service acceptance rates. #4. Advice and AMA : r/ArmyOCS. Prior service that got out count as civilians in this case. It's been an unusual experience in some ways but typical in others. 3. ) he marked the “does not recommend” boxes in my letter of recommendation section on my DA61. My Army recruiter was able to retrieve all of my documentation and health records from the AF easily through MEPS so you should be fine on that front. They will look at you and see dollar signs. Hey all, I’m a 24 year old that graduated with a 3. A competent cadre will train you on the fundamentals of leadership and basic military skills, instill Army values and Also, what makes a strong, competitive applicant? Regardless of how hard it is to get into OCS, I want to have a really good shot at getting in. •. Army OCS lasts several months Any advice or prior knowledge on the difficulty of getting into Navy OCS would be appreciated. You already missed the deadline for the last Air Force board for the year. I have a 3. Army OCS is open to enlisted personnel through certain enlisted-to-officer programs, warrant officers, or civilians who have enlisted through the OCS option after completing Basic Combat Training. 58 votes, 227 comments. I think the Army would be a good fit for me but as a female who hasn't been in the army before, I am a little worried about boot Air Force has a Law School ROTC program that you can apply to 1L or 2L year, Navy allows you to apply 2L or 3L year, and Army only allows you to apply 3L year. The two most recent USAREC boards had an acceptance rate of 19% and 41% with an average accepted 3. D. Selection rates for OCS range anywhere from 20-70% depending on the needs of the Army. In the end, OCS is a gut check. You must meet the same OCS requirements other than a 4yr degree in addition to passing a flight physical and passing the SIFT flight exam. Since the introduction of the new land navigation standard, 706 candidates have taken the updated test. Add a Comment. Point 2 depends more or less on the class, but those are usually the coveted slots. 2 years is a lot of lead time, I would figure out what you want from your army career in that time and plan. Remember to stay awake in history. Probably varies between Federal/State programs. 2%) Misconduct: 1 (0. With the board convening 10-14 July 2023 next week. packet for Officer Candidate School (OCS)? To apply for admission to OCS in-service perspective candidates must have at least 1 year of retainability. Awesome! kbye45. I am a 23 year old college graduate, graduated in 2022, with honors. You'll need your CAC or DS Logon. Or Google - because it will take you to OCS/OTS specific boards where people can answer even the most mundane and detailed questions like what the role of an assistant S-3 is within a FA battalion stationed at Ft. Too many people show up out of shape and don’t have any land nav skills. I got a very low gt score too, but the biggest thing is the interview imo. The Army doesn't like wasting money once selected for flight training. Just graduated OCS Advice and AMA. S. Nonstem degree, 3. The process to get into the Air Force OCS for college grads, can take a An Army officer will still do field time, more than an AF enlisted man. 07 GPA. MembersOnline. At OCS, put your college degree to use, learn important leadership skills, and prepare for a career as an Army Officer. I’d say the new dismissal rate is around 10%. 4. Your GPA is not competitive enough for Army, need at least 3. Yes, AD and civilians will meet the board together. Next USAREC board: 21-25 AUG 23. It's shocking how many people screw that one up. OCS only fills aviation slots if needed on a rare basis. When you submit a packet you need to be able to benefit the Army especially with combat Since the introduction of the new land navigation standard, 706 candidates have taken the updated test. 29. Hello! I have been talking to a recruiter and he said I'm very competitive for the army but I would have to do basic and then OCS where the other branches are typically just OCS. • 3 yr. I do have a letter of recommendation to re-attend after my injuries are fully healed. Better to submit a packet for OCS and if you aren’t selected then go the enlisted route. 09S would definitely be your best bet as far as your career and family go keep this in mind: Basic training: 3 months active. And chose Army due to them giving me a choice of TA or R&B ($5,000 direct deposit into your bank). I originally applied to Air Force OTS and when they canceled their boards, I applied to Army OCS and got accepted recently. Could anyone on here Transfer to NG; age limit is 42. com stats but they are kinda dated and the quality of the stats are kind of depressing. 10 weeks BCT (E-4) 12 weeks OCS (E-5) 14-52 weeks BOLC (O-1) Hi! It’s very difficult right now but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. One thing to consider is the acceptance rates. Of course above 110 : r/ArmyOCS. Submitted OCS Packet: May 2021. You must be able to complete it in 36 minutes. Also the three main branches all have official internship programs that are extremely competitive and which they draw the majority of their recruits from. You are an E4 in basic. ”. 2. You have a great GPA, although in a soft major, that should balance out the lack of leadership. The recycle rate hovers around 50%, with the vast majority of recycled being land Nav. I'm currently at OCS and really having a hard time with understanding how to do OPORDs. Speaking from the Western half of the country – the overall selection rate was 70. The applicant pool is vastly different from panel to panel. Points 4-7 still hold true. It is commonly thought that the time between the two is around 3-4 months; however, I just swore-in (Early January) and my ship date for BCT isn’t until late August. I've read (no first hand knowledge) that attrition rates at US Marine Corps is as much as 40%, compared to about 10% for US Army OCS. I thought that waivers like TIS or Age would be uploaded and approved after selected for the program. 27 in Mechanical Engineering and am very interested in applying to be an Army officer. August 2020 USAREC Board: 271 applicants, 95 selected. Thanks in advance! 1. But it gives me time to get in shape and study. ago. 3. There are a few tests towards the back end of the course, but not difficult at all. Is it normal for applicants to have waivers uploaded into their IPERMS signed by the MG at HRC? A few of my soldiers (applicants) had waivers uploaded. The history test is historically the biggest event to recycle people. Keep in mind that OCS selection is very competitive and is a long process. It's 7% if you apply, 0% if you don't apply. Ask your recruiter to talk to the local OSM (Officer Strength Manager) and see what the paths available are and how to get them, if there is more than one option available. This is good information. As for your chances, no one here can tell you that, just apply and see As far as acceptance rates go, I think it depends on the job itself for if that's been affected. 3, APFT: 280. 7 gpa, want to know if I have a chance at getting accepted. I knew at least 8 people that got an active slot with a 110, and this was last year. Other branches float closer to 10% and less. You will have your phone and basically be left alone most days. BOLC: 5-10ish months active depending on branch. Members Online Does the 10 year time in service restriction apply to other branches as well? You are an E4 in Basic and E5 in OCS. Acceptance rates have ranged from 20%-55% as of recent. Plus OCS off the street is at the absolute bottom of the totem pole for offer accessions, the Army wants officers from literally every other source more than they want them from recruiters. But if you are OK with being in the dirt sometimes, officer pay is way better and in most circumstances easier living than AF enlisted. Every state handles their OCS program differently, and things change constantly. What is the timeline I would need to operate on to make this happen? I understand from Officer friends that there may be some downtime between Basic, OCS, BOLC, and any other What’s going on party people. A place to discuss selection to and preparation for U. Jun 16, 2022 · U. Minimum of 3 max 6. Reporting to Jackson 2/14 and OCS 05/02. After a year or so, I got accepted into OCS in August 2023. No not at all. We just finished one week of STX, and I'm already terrified of the week to follow. I talked to an army recruiter today and he said I can apply since the army doesnt have a minimum gpa requirement for OCS. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Also candidates come from different boards, PLC / MECEP/ OCC and ECP etc all have different requirements in terms of boarding…. I've been considering OCS. I went AD enlisted AF to Army Officer. You do not have time in the course to get into shape. I’m currently assisting individuals in Texas, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania, and I’m looking for more! If you’re ready to challenge the OCS board and become the Army’s next officer, PM me or give me a text. You get reduced back to E4 and are Needs of the Army. Also, what makes a strong, competitive applicant? Regardless of how hard it is to get into OCS, I want to have a really good shot at getting in. The failure rate is much higher than it used to be and new changes will only make the course harder. If you go through the whole board process and aren't selected for active duty ocs, you'll probably be offered a The Army, being the senior branch, probably has the most slots. There's policy for profiles that will get you dismissed in about two weeks of profile. I passed the board last July for OCS (reserve), then my age waiver was denied (I was 35). Should I go to OCS as a college senior graduating in Economics and $100k (12% interest) in private student loans? I really want to go back to school for my masters, but I also don't want to get any more loans. Dec 8, 2018 · All OCS graduates must serve a minimum of three years on active duty. Members Online I was medically dismissed from Army OCS and still getting E5 pay. Just stay healthy. But also interested to hear any war stories from folks who’ve gone recently, the article is a bit dated as it’s from 2017. HughGRektion1. Reserve or not. Branching aviation in Army OCS is a crap shoot. Army Federal Officer Candidate School. Branch packets: Currently they are at a 2% acceptance rate. The other things you need to get selected would be your asvab score (110GT minimum but the average for people who are selected is around 120), your level of physical fitness, and how well you're able to present yourself in interviews. It is uncomfortable at times, but through the right lens, it's a pretty hilarious experience and will be one that you can share with the soldiers you will go on to lead. Eat a lot of calories and sleep plenty. OCS: 2 months active OR 18 grueling stressful months of drills easily 5 hours a week especially if you include personal PT. Also work on being able to run 4 miles under 36 minutes. Not an E5. If you want full-time job then you may look for NGR slots after commissioning. 5% have been dismissed for not meeting the standard with a subsequent class. In essence, the failure rate is still low. 1. Avg OPAT: Heavy (Black) Degree Distribution: 120 (Bachelors) and 23 (Masters) The February 2021 board before that also had a 71% acceptance rate (117/164) with GT avg of 125 and GPA avg of 3. However, a lot of USMC OCS attrition is injuries, not outright dismissal. As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil Officer Candidate School (OCS) trains Army Officers. The average PFT was 277 and average GPA was 3. But it's definitely affected the timeline for going to OCS. 3 and gt 125 or so. • 10 mo. We did get "smoked" regularly. I didn’t know enough of The hardest part will be staying awake during history because those classrooms are muggy as hell. I have always loved the army and wanted to serve, so I decided to give it a try in May 2022. Get involved in your community, it helps. Questions about Boot Camp and OCS. Prior enlisted Marines did extremely well. You had 2 chances to pass either physical or academic requirements. A vast majority of people recycle at land nav and it’s not a hard course. The first week of STX is just practice and rehearsals, while the second week is the actual graded event. Chances to get accepted for OCS? Im 27 years old, active duty Navy, graduate college in a year. You’ll turn your brain off for 10 weeks, complete it, then immediately be shipped off to 3-11 to complete OCS. Shipped to OCS: February 2022. ~35% acceptance rate. 6. I can't afford to fail this test because the next class doesn't start Even if you show up to OCS a little banged up, you’ll get to Benning and then you’ll be a holdover until you’re better and can class up. Unit Recall: 8 (0. The OCS application process on average is about 6-12 months but Covid may delay things further. They like it because that means they won’t have to pay for your masters if you decide to stay past major. I have to wait 9 months to go where as before covid I heard stories of people getting accepted and leaving 5 days later. Thanks. Candidates that receive an offer to attend Army OCS are former enlisted members, warrant officers, inter-service transfers, or recent college graduates. If wanting to be an Army aviator, extremely difficult in OCS in branching aviation. If you’re physically fit and can kill the PFT, you can go marines. USAREC AUGUST 2022 OCS RESULTS. You must also: Feb 6, 2023 · I look forward to your arrival at Fort Moore, Georgia, “Home of the Infantry”, and to 3d Battalion, 11th Infantry (Officer Candidate School). The charges were dropped though and I have never been in any trouble before or Occasionally classes will recycle on STX or Bolton Obstacle Course, but most people are fine. Maybe I will see some of y’all there! You have to actually want this it becomes your life. Right now the Army is pretty high, the December board (civ/prior service) was 60% and its been a little higher before that. I’m more looking to see if any inservice OCS candidates would share their statistics if they’ve been accepted recently. r/ArmyOCS. 5. Otherwise, the Soldier will be considered a "No Show" for the originally scheduled class. Most dismissals are the result of cheating, followed by being peered out or failing an event twice. 5 GPA. Army officer candidate school accepts about 65 percent of applicants. Overall Application – If you are a college grad, there are certain pieces of the I was born in the US and moved with my parents to China and then to Canada, where I reside. For those 2 rates you saw, you have no idea how many applied, their background, if OCS-T was taking more or less, if OCS-R was taking more or less, how many failed their interview, etc. Army Federal Officer… Apr 2, 2018 · If the Soldier is going to be late to OCS, they need to contact 502-613-6352, to reschedule for the next available OCS class. You have a decent shot of making it into Army OCS depending on how competitive your state is. Naturalized citizen (so no cyber, no intel) Master’s degree in Engineering, should have my Ph. 7%. Only about 60 percent of all those who apply are accepted for attendance at OCS. Currently an E-6 AGR with a bachelors degree. Air Force has been canceling boards the last 2 years and OTS acceptance is around 15 to 25%. Try to get a recruiter who has sent somebody to OCS before. 7%**. You won’t branch (be assigned a job) until after OCS. enlist @ e4 -> ocs @ e5 -> demote to e-4 prior to commissioning -> promoted to O1 @ commission. Air, Law, and Reserve had very high selection rates while active duty Ground was much lower. Federal or accelerated OCS may not even be an option for you. Most Commissioned aviators come from USMA and ROTC. Should be at OCS at Ft Benning in may. He said the low-hanging fruit only accounted for about five of them, so he had to tell 10 acceptable graduates that they weren't going to be commissioned. Lewis. Score a 280+ PT score and ace your Battalion board interview, you'll be fine. I’ll be honest I don’t have the greatest GPA with it being a 2. The rates can’t be calculated because if a region doesn’t have candidates the Board doesn’t deemed qualified enough then the acceptance rate will be sort of skewed if you ask me. If accepted you’ll commission as a 2nd Lt before going to OTS. There wasn't a July USAREC board but the June 2021 board had the following: Acceptance Rate: 143/201 (71%) Avg GPA: 3. FEB SHIP DATE. Scroll down, there’s a post from a couple of months ago with all of the stats you want. Currently the class up event is now the four mile run. Accepted into OCS: August 2021. Yes. I'm applying to be a SWO. My recruiter was under the impression that the army accepted everyone and told me not to worry about my scores, packet, etc. We are maintaining a 100% acceptance rate. BCT. If you fail some requirement in basic, you get recycled until you finish. I have been seeing a lot of recycles within OCS mostly due to the Land Nav changes. But, WOFT will guarantee you a pilot seat. Dec 13, 2010 · 893. Civilian applicants only please. In most Army schools, OCS included, one bad peer eval isn’t enough to get you kicked out. 14. Does anyone know where we can find the previous years application and acceptance numbers for last years AC selection board? I am just trying to gauge what the acceptance rate is and how many they will possibly take this year. Point 3 applied to all candidates. Last time I interviewed ROTC staff about the various programs AROTC would take you your senior year and any necessary waivers would be secured in a few days with almost a 100% acceptance rate from the O6 and above waiver authority. Happy full-time career, and would like Trying to say that you know based off the 1 or 2 acceptance rates you saw is not realistic. Nobody here on Reddit will tell you which branch of the military to join or what job you'll want. 76 but would love to still try and commission in one of the Logistical Branches. It's a few weeks until commissioning here at OCS. Green to Gold (enlisted to officer) is a route you could take, but could take years depending on your MOS. WOFT graduation rate hovers around 90%. 1%. If you score well on the OAR, that'll balance you out even more. Does that include those who were not recommended by their battalion boards, or only those whose applications were sent up? The second week of OCS is very routine and gets you in the cycle for the weeks to come by helping you settle in with the day to day of things. Anyone sell heading to Jackson sometime? Pretty much same here. The problem is that it is much harder to qualify for these contracts because there are additional requirements, like having a law degree or passing a flight physical. The overall graduation rate is high, I would say around 90%. OCS Acceptance Rate. I know the chances are slim but I was wondering if someone knows what the last couple USAREC Board scores were? To clarify, what were the acceptance…. Army website says 65% of civilian applicants. Is this percentage true? It has me questioning my future. The NROTC AND AFROTC ONLY GIVE Tuition payments with less control of of career. prisonman2121. I just finished a BSEP course which allowed me to raise my GT score from 101 to 123. 4 GPA, 42 on the OAR (planning to retake), and asked some people who know me really well for letters of recommendation. I was an NCAA lacrosse player for all 4 years and a team captain my senior year. The official sites make it seem like as long as you have a bachelor's then you'll get in. Most LtC get a masters degree while at ILE. Overall Dismissal Rate: 10. Chances of acceptance? I’m currently 23 and graduated in May with a major in finance and a minor in economics. I didn't run there as much as I expected. Waiver acceptance OCS. Third week at OCS: This is the week where we took the history test. Out of 57 starting, minus 19 that DOR, my class had 5 recycle for various reasons and 10 fail outright. Kind of a bit sooner than I wanted but glad to have a date. Just got back from meps. This may translate to a higher acceptance rate. Celebrity. Everything I found says an average of 90+% pass rate for Army OCS. Nope. Apprehensive-Run2635. You get about an hour more on Sunday mornings. All contracts are 6+2 years. 5. You won’t need the AFOQT, but you will need solid GRE scores and pass an interview to be considered. In the worst years it’s nowhere near as competitive as the 0% shot you have with AFROTC, with only two years of school left. Anyone with common sense, drive and resiliency can overcome the challenges of OCS. They informed me that the acceptance rate right now is 7% and that if I don’t feel like I’m competitive, I shouldn’t apply. My recruiter screwed me. I chose the Army and thus Army OCS because of the mission, the breadth of opportunities and schools, deployment optempo, and the culture. The USAREC OCS board has had a 100% acceptance rate since the surge started. One of my current battle buddies was an OCS company commander during a draw down, and he had to find some way to drop 15 Soldiers from his rotation. I can run 3 miles in around 18 minutes and have no problem with push-ups. 12. I have been reviewing usnavyocs. Use the search bar. May 20, 2024 · The United States Army conducts Officer Candidate School (OCS) for prospective officers in training. 12 votes, 24 comments. If you really want to make your package more appealing, volunteer. before going to OCS. Step 1. Then we found out the acceptance rate was ~20%. . I had a 3. What makes OCS 'difficult' is that you will be constantly doing strenuous activity on less sleep with a overdose of scrutiny on everything you do. Avg GT: 127. I used Reddit a lot throughout the application process, so I am sharing my experience here for those I just wanted to provide some information concerning the Army OCS timetable. Archived post. Does anyone have info on what acceptance rate for navy OCS is? I've seen the air force (7%) and army (in the 40s) on their respective subs, but I haven't been able to find anything here. This was genuinely the hardest PT of all OCS. Black phase - starting with Bolton obstacle course. 7K subscribers in the ArmyOCS community. Shipped to Basic: November 2021. My gpa is terrible, i'll probably finish around a 2. Of those 706, 1. Reply. Marine OCS is not hard. 2nd, even 3rd, chances are made available in a lot of those situations. Your average day is first formation at around 0500, PT/physical activity, 0700 breakfast, then academics from 0800-1700, dinner, then lights out at around 2130. Otherwise, army. Officer Candidate School teaches you the fundamentals of serving the military branch as an officer. Our first run was a 6 miler, followed by an 8 miler the next week. Feb 20, 2020. Know plenty of people who were accepted and excelled below those numbers, however. I had both at my College. Then a very high percentage of those who recycle end up passing it the second go around. Yup do national guard OCS, I’m 34 and On my way to OCS now to do the accelerated (8 weeks) and age limit is 42 to commission. To some extent. Go to ArmyOCS. As far as sleep goes, your average day to day maximum is going to be 6 and a half to seven hours. The high dismissal rate for cheating is reflective of a sizable chunk of those that do cheat their After researching for a while I’ve seen very little information regarding in service acceptance rates. 7%) 4 Mile Run: 3 (0. Being a land nav recycle is not going to stop you from doing that. 001%) Overall Dismissal Rate: 10. Quick question to ease (or exacerbate) my anxiety in the countdown to board results: the 65-75% acceptance rate. Going to OCS injured is a great way to find yourself thrown violently to AIT. Shipping out for bct at FT Jackson 2/15. It PT_On_Your_Own. Plenty of them in this sub. That’s after going through the regional board. You'll fly with an instructor pilot at all times, no solo flight hours and everyone graduates as a Copilot. Don't get hurt, but push yourself. GT: 126, GPA: 3. Plus the better options for jobs and more control of job selection (Depending on how well you perform). 6 in a non stem field. nu rn qb nd qs fr yt ph hw aa